a) Structural Design and Detailing of Following Structures for Production/Process, Wellhead and Living Quarter Module Platforms:

  1. Topsides
  2. Fixed Jackets & Piles
  3. Interconnecting Bridges
  4. Skid Mounted Modules
  5. Flare Structures

b) Design of FPSO Topside Modules

c) Analysis & Design for Following Phases of Platform

  1. In-place condition
  2. Fatigue (deterministic/spectral)
  3. Ship Impact
  4. Earthquake
  5. Pre-service : Loadout, Transportation, Lift, Launch & On-bottom stability
  6. Structural Strength Assessment
  7. Blast Resistant Design
  8. Collapse Analysis and Design
  9. Wave Dynamics, Vortex Shedding, Spectral Analysis.

d) Other Aspects

  1. Preparation of Design Basis
  2. Preparation of Various Structural Specifications
  3. Design of Skid Tracks for Loadout of Heavy Modules
  4. Preparation of Pre-service Loadout Arrangement Drawings, Stowage Plans, Seafastening Drawings and Barge Strength Assessments
  5. Stacking and Seafastener Design for Sea-transportation of Line pipes and Risers
  6. Stressed Skin Module Design
  7. Platform Decommissioning Studies
  8. Yard Related Support Engineering

e) Review and Certification of Third Party Designs

ONSHORE STRUCTURES – Civil & Structural Design

Performing Civil & Structural designs and detail engineering associated with the following:

a) Power Plant Structures & Foundations:

  1. Main Power House Building
  2. Control Building
  3. Cooling Water Pump House & Fore-bay (feed pool)
  4. Raw Water Pump House
  5. Fuel Oil Stations
  6. DG & Compressor Buildings
  7. ESP & Boiler Structure Foundations, etc.

b) Coal/Ash/Material Handling Structures & Foundations:

  1. Conveyor Trestles & Galleries
  2. Crusher Houses
  3. Junction Towers (Transfer Towers)
  4. Mill & Bunker Building
  5. Coal Storage Silos
  6. Coal Mill Foundations

c) Gas Handling, Petro-chemical and Industrial Plant Structures & Foundations:

  1. Substations, Control Rooms & Local Equipment Rooms (LERs)
  2. Piperack & Pipe Bridge Structures
  3. Equipment Foundations
  4. Tank Forms
  5. Cooling Tower Basins
  6. Blast Resistant Buildings

d) Steel Plants

  1. Civil & Foundation designs for complete steel plant Structures, tall process equipment, product handling and product discharge conveyors, screening stations, fines stations, scrubbers, process cooling water and slurry handling, reformer section, pipe racks, stacks, etc
  2. Under-ground Conveyor Tunnel
  3. Elevated Support Structure/Foundations for DRI Silos
  4. Ore Handling Structures, Stacker Re-claimer Track, etc

e) Foundations

  1. Machine Foundations for Compressors, Pumps & Turbines, Crushers, Coal Mills, etc
  2. Isolated, Raft & Pile Foundations for Structures & Static Equipment

f) Design of Special Structures & Foundations

  1. Design of Wind and Seismic Sensitive Tall Structures
  2. Space Launch Complex Structures
  3. Headgear Structure for Mining
  4. Coker Drum Structure – Modularization
  5. Steel Stacks & RC Chimneys
  6. Long Span Roof Structures

g) Preparation of Detailed Drawings for:

  1. Structural steel design drawings with typical connection details
  2. Base plate and anchor bolt drawings
  3. Concrete forming drawings for buildings, equipment foundations and other concrete structures
  4. Reinforcement drawings for concrete works
  5. Bar bending schedules

h) Other Aspects

  1. Preparation of technical specifications for civil/structural works
  2. Preparation of design basis for civil/structural works
  3. Coordinating engineering activities for EPC Contracts
  1. SACS for design of Offshore Structures
  2. STAAD Pro for the design of Onshore Structures
  3. AutoCAD for Drafting
  4. Math Cad
  5. In-house spread sheets for design of components
  1. Allowable Stress Design (ASD)
  2. Limit State Design
  3. Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)
  4. Design for Blast Overpressure
  1. Indian Codes/Standards/Specifications
  2. American Codes – API, AISC, ACI, ANSI, AWS D 1.1
  3. British Standards – Structural Design
  4. Euro Codes – Structural Design
  5. DNV Standards
  6. ISO Codes & Standards
  7. NORSOK Standards
  8. Shell DEPs
  9. Qatar Construction Specifications
  10. KSA Loading Standards & Codes
  11. HMC Installation Guidelines
  12. MWS Guidelines
  13. Blast Design as per Shell DEP, BP RP4 & ASCE Task Committee